Food Manager Certification

Certified Food Protection Manager

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager's Exam meets Florida's Food Manager certification requirements. Register today to test and receive your five (5) year certification at one of our 31 classes held monthly throughout Florida. Our certification classes are one (1) day and include a four (4) hour review of food safety principals beginning at 9:00 am followed by the two (2) hour timed ServSafe® examination that starts at 2:00 pm. 

Click and download the document above for a printable registration form. To order by phone, call 866.372.7233 Monday through Friday from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST.

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SafeStaff® Manager Review Guide

Prepare for your Food Manager certification exam with one or both of our study materials. We offer the SafeStaff® Manager Review Guide for a simple easy-to-read approach to food safety.

SafeStaff® Food Manager Study Flashcards

  For another great tool to prepare for the Food Manager's Exam try our SafeStaff® Food Manager Study Flashcards, for on-the-go training to fit in studying whenever you can. These 128 bilingual English/Spanish flashcards can be used after the exam to quiz your employees at staff meetings or used for fun as an incentive program where employees have to get the questions correct to earn a reward!

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The purchases you make today go to supporting our non-profit, state-wide efforts to support and protect the Hospitality Industry. Providing you with quality products and easy solutions to your required training needs helps us achieve our mission to Educate, Protect and Promote the hospitality industry. We know you have a choice when selecting a supplier, and we are truly honored that you have trusted us to fulfill your training and certification needs. Thank you for supporting the Industry that supports us all!

What's required?

Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation requires that all Managers in a licensed food service operation become Certified Food Managers and that one must always be present in the operation when there are four or more employees on duty. View the DBPR Administrative Code 61c-4.023 here. For more information view our Food Manager FAQs.  

Choosing a program...

When selecting a training vendor be sure to:
Get it in writing - know what you are paying for and have a complete understanding of the services and products you are ordering.
Get the company name, the contact name and phone number when you call - you'll be grateful to have a name and contact who'll be there the next time you have questions about anything relating to the hospitality industry.
Check with the Better Business Bureau - especially when selecting someone you do not know - we frequently receive call from folks who did business with a new vendor and paid up front only to find out their class was canceled and now no one is answering the phone or returning calls.
Understand your discounts - Are you an FRLA member and/or RCS Client and do you qualify for a membership discount on the products you are buying? When you log in your membership discounts are automatically applied to your order. If you do not currently have an individual account with us, no problem! When creating your account, select your member company from the drop down list and the rest is automatic.
Consider your commitment to your certification - registering in advance, studying in advance and attending the review class may cost a little more in time and money, but pays off much higher dividends when it results in you passing the exam the FIRST time. Your time and money is valuable, use and invest it wisely.

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