SafeStaff Human Trafficking Awareness Training

Human Trafficking is a reality in every state in the US, and Florida is no Exception. Hospitality operator training and awareness are critical to ending this crime. Our Individual Online Course is ideal for both line staff and management. 

Section 509.096 has been added to Chapter 509,  of the Florida Statues. This section requires all public lodging establishments to provide annual training on human trafficking awareness to members of their establishment. For more information on the statue please click here

Effective December 31, 2021 the cost for the course will be $2.99. This cost will not be refundable.

Training Topics:

 - Recognize the signs of human trafficking
 - Know how to report suspected human trafficking
 - Learn best practices to protect victims and reduce business liability
 - Promote anti-trafficking awareness

Our online course is designed for individual self-paced learning. Each participant who completes the course will be granted a certificate of completion. To obtain the course please click here.

Want to conduct a group training for your staff?
You may utilize this training as a tool in conjunction with the training program your establishment has created, however you will need to create and maintain a signed and dated agreement for each employee acknowledging that they have received this training and this agreement must be made available to the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) upon request.

Would you like us to come out and do training for your staff?
If you are interested in having someone come to your location to conduct an in-person training for you staff. Please e-mails us at [email protected]

If you are currently a member of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association or a client of RCS Training please e-mail us at here for more information about conductions a group training session yourself. Not sure if you are currently a member or client? Call our office at 866-372-7233 for assistance.