Food Manager Resources

FRLA and SafeStaff® remain your best resource when you have questions about food safety, regulations or inspections. With three (3) former DBPR Directors of Hotels and Restaurants on staff, we're able to offer you information and insight to effectively and efficiently navigate Florida's regulatory and food safety requirements. Below you will find a wealth of information on food safety requirements and best practices. Take a look!

Food Manager's Exam
New to Food Safety? Take a look at these
food service terms and become familiar
with them as they are part of the
FDA Model Food Code and the foundation
for the Food Protection Manager's Exam


National Food Safety Month - How to Wash Your Hands

Allergen Awareness Training
View these training tips and exercises 
on Food Allergy Awareness.

National Food Safety Month - Cleaning & Sanitizing

Prepare for Your Exam!
Identify areas of weakness by taking the
Food Manager's Practice Exam

National Food Safety Month - Allergens

Safe Service Techniques

Exam Resources
Four-hour Food Safety Review
SafeStaff Manager Review Guide
Safestaff Study Flash Cards
ServSafe Food Manager Book
ServSafe Practice Exam
ServSafe Changes based on 2013 Food Code Changes
2013 Food Code Changes
2013 FDA Food Code

Watch a DBPR Risk Based Food Service Inspection First Hand

Online ServSafe Exam
Taking your registered ServSafe Exam Online with your scheduled Proctor?
Be sure to follow these Online Pre-exam Instructions.
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness


Just In Time Disaster Training Library 


Try  Just In Time Disaster Training Library  offering over 1,800 disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training videos. The library is the most comprehensive, easy to search, FREE internet based source for training curriculum for today’s emergency responders. Now with mobile apps for tablets and smartphones.


FDA Food Emergency Exercise 


The FDA is offering free video resources demonstrating scenarios that involve intentional and unintentional food contamination events. Take a look at Mass Mayhem for a video on handling a foodborne illness outbreak.

Emergency Management Summit


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